The reason I take pictures is to capture and share the amazing and incredible beauty of the world, beauty of the nature. I feel my self so priviledged to be able to walk around in the fresh green forest, touch the early drops of mist on the green leves, feel the rising sun and its rays tickling my nose. I can sense the magic of the ceturies and centuries before that the mist holds in it as it slowly rises from the ground. All that is so mesmerising.

And the breathtaking moments by the sea, at the sea. The ever changing element that keeps on intriquing me. It can change its form in a blink of an eye. So peaceful, so calming, so inviting. Yet suddenly fearceful, stormy, green, blue, foamy, black. Simply amazing.

The beauty that I see in the nature enlightens my soul, it makes me happy, it makes me whole. It calms my nerves, releases stress, gives answers, gives joy and love. If it gives me so much, who am I to keep it a secret! I hope that You too could see that powerful beauty, to feel it too. I want to capture the image, the feelings, the energy, share it, let you admire and feel it too. If you can feel even a tiny part of the feelings I do when I look at the scenerey and landsscapes, the sunsets and sunrises, I have succeeded. I want to share the joy and love, the beauty and its incredible power.

The same beauty that I see and capture in my photography, I wish to capture, create and give in my events. I want to create something very unique, something personal, beautiful. Something that lives and breaths the very essence of the life and personality of my client. Something no one else than they could reflect.

I create unique visions and with extremely careful attention to all details, work to create unfogetable moments, results, that carry a long way in memories, in relationships and in business.

Taking a beutiful picture and creating a succesful event has more or less the same recipe. You have to sence it, vision it, see the beauty, see the result end energy it will bring. Feel the magic, love and the joy. And know excatly what it is that you are doing and for who. Only the best pictures get admired and remembered and live a long life.