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Who am I

Who am I

To keep it simple. I am the woman that loves.

I love beutiful things. I love those early summer mornings, the first rays of sunshine illuminating the whole big blue sky wrapping the world around in a loving, warm, goldden glow. I love the sound of birds singing and the feeling of fresh sea breeze gently wishpering in my ear. I love the rain on my face and the smell of damp earth and mud around my dirty bare feet. I love the sound of champagne popping and the taste of the fine bubbles that ticle the insides of my mouth. I love long and lazy kisses that suddenly turn into passionate lovemaking with a force, power and electricity that could move mountains. I love big, huge, smiles and wringles on the corner of the eye that tell the tale of many, many laughters. I love my daugter. I love her beautiful smile that enligtens the whole room in a second. I love the fact that I get to be her mother. I love life.

I love what I do. I love people. I love making people happy. This is what events and PR is all about. Connecting with other people. Connecting the right people together. Making right circumstances for connections and things to happen. Creating magical moments, creating unforgetable encounters, exceeding all and every expectation. Gret atmospheres, big feelings, beutiful songs, joyoiys colors, magnificent tastes.. Its all in the details, in every incredibly, ridicilously, important detail. Everything must be done with and from the heart, with passion, with love.

I love the fact that I have always had the gourage to follow my heart, my dreams and my desires. In personal life and in business. I walk my own path. My journey as an entrepreneur has been almost two decades long now. There have been the sweet taste of succes, joyous moments, fantastic results aswell as there have been financial strains as times have been tough in the economy. There have been bitter disappointmets, walls there, obsticles here. But not one that I could not have overcomed and climbed over. Afterwards finding myself a great deal wiser and yet again stronger and as a better person and ready to go further.

Combigning the life of a single mother and an entrepreneur has been a great journey and a great blessing. Very challenging, very rewarding. Never have I felt that I could not manage or do something. On the contrary, I have learned exceptiollay good organizing and time managing skills ( yes you are aloud to laugh here ) Nothig is too big of a challenge for me. I have proven that to the universe, and myself, a million and million times again.

All I have done, all that I do, I do with a big smile and a very positive attitude. I simply love what I do. Life is too short to do anything mediocre. I will always aim to exceed all expectations. That is a very good place to begin.


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