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I have succesfully represented and worked with internationally apreciated premium brands both nationally and internationally. I execute high-end events both to private and business clients. With the investment sector I do trade closing dinners with the sales, customers and advocacies present.

Other events include private parties from just two people to birthdays to weddings to private yacht parties to business events with hundreds of guests. There is one connective detail in all events. All are executed with the out most fashion, style, exclusive class and exeptional customer service.

My mission is to create something very unique, something personal, something beautiful. Something that lives and breaths the very essence of the life and personality, or brand vision, of my client. Something no one else than they can reflect and represent.

I use my unique visions and experience and pay extremely careful attention to all details. Always. The idea is to create unforgettable moments, results that carry a long way in memories. Helping both private and business relationships to grow.

I work with an incredible talented and classy team of subcontractors and you can leave all details on our hands. My team of beautiful and professional hostesses will take care of your guests well being. You can relax and have a good time with your customers and/or friends. We will take care of everything.


Thank You for creating unique, fun and unforgettable event for Accountor Scandinavian Management Team. We were all mesmerized. You and your staff managed the evening perfectly, very professional and friendly personnel –  and the menu was great too. Good work!”


Seppo Niva, Vice President

Sweden, Norway, Denmark


Thank You Minna for your hospitality and event work with Targa boats. We have been very happy with your work. You and your team are very professional, friendly, social and representative. It has been a great pleasure and we are looking forward to more co-operation!”

Targa Center Finland

Bernt Merus, Managing Director


Thank You for highly professional work with LM Information Delivery’s 45th anniversary celebrations.  Our quests and we were extremely happy with the event and the outstanding customer service and style.”

LM Information Delivery 

Janne Järvinen, Group Chairman


Thank You Minna for your very professional, friendly and excellent work with hosting, promoting and creating various events for Mercedes-Benz Finland. We appreciate that you have always been very professional, you understand Mercedes-Benz’s values and have met our customers with the highest level of respect and service minded attitude. Your personality is also a one of a kind; You are always smiling, happy and have a very positive attitude. It has been a pleasure and fun to work with you. “

Mercedes-Benz Finland & VEHO Autotalot

Tiina Lundqvist, Marketing Manager





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