A few years ago I was very active on writing a blog. The blog was called Strictly Life and I had a great many people following it. Generally, I wrote about life, womanhood, love, the good stuff and the bad stuff. Then suddenly, I didn’t have time for that anymore. Whirlwind changes in life, tough times in the economy. All my energy went into focusing on surviving on regular basis, getting the business going, being very creative at times. About a year and a half ago there was a change in the economy, things started to finally flow very smoothly. I had a lots and lots of work again and suddenly I was back at doing 24/7 work engagements, events, promotions, driving huge kilometers and barely having any rest at all. Well, it sure did feel a lot better, and when things start to go smooth, your energies go smoother too. But the sudden change from worry-energy to overload with exhaust is really not the best change, you are still on the negative side of energies and emotions. So by the end of last year, I figured that I needed to do something about that. I wanted to have more, to be a better, happier person, to live a better life.

But then, what is a better life ?  To me, it means spending more time with my family, with my daughter. Enjoying life, and the quality of life, to the fullest. It means being energetic, not the never at home, always tired mom. It is doing all the things you love and the things that matter to you.  It means honestly appreciating every single day of this life, making the most of it. Of course this is always a never ending juggle when you are a single mother and the only breadwinner in the family. Plus the “entrepreneur mindset” tends to be very competitive, unforgiving towards itself, and a constant over-performer at its worst. But I still think there is a healthy balance to be achieved on this.

I think the first steps in creating your dream life and doing the things you love, is to accept who you are ( also appreciate that, and all of your accomplishments ) where you are in life, what is going on, why, and what would you like to do next. What are your feelings trying to tell you.  I have been dreaming about writing since that last blog. I am dreaming about writing a book, dreaming about working as a photographer and some day owning my own gallery. Saying all that, I do still love the PR work I do, the amazing events, the great brands and customers, the big charming personalities I get to work with. I have always enjoyed it very much! But at some point, the shift will change more heavier towards other creative projects, projects that enlighten my heart and cherish my desires even more, like all of the material on this website. And who’s to say you can’t have it all, why not!  The biggest improvement to me is that I am finally taking some time and dedicating time to make things happen. I am turning my dreams into my goals and goals are achieved by time, effort, dedication, ambition, and believing in yourself and your ability and worth to reach them.

So here I am, now writing this blog.  Once again, it will be about daily life, my perceptions of it.  I have just started my journey to live the life of my dreams. It might be too much to ask that I could inspire my readers too, but then again, it would be so wonderful. Like in my photography, I hope to share the beauty and natures energy, natures heeling powers, with my audience. Maybe my writing and my thoughts could affect someone’s thinking too. After all, we are given only this one life. And like the saying goes, If you do it right, once is enough.

Anyways, thanks for taking your time and reading this. I’m sending lots of light love to your day!




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